“No matter what my mood is when I go into rehearsal, I come out smiling every single week. The people, the music and especially the conductor are unfailingly upbeat and positive. It’s impossible not to have a great time with Donavon and this community of singers.”
“Tuesday with Alt Vox and Donavon - an evening with tongue twisting warm up challenges; music theory; a diverse collection of rock music but most important being part of a community of like-minded people that just want to sing together and have fun. We are guided and encouraged by the talented Donavan... laughing is a prerequisite.”

"Alt Vox is a great community of singers from all walks of life. Choirmaster Donavon keeps things fun, but also gets everyone sounding their best. The pop rock song selection is upbeat, and is a treat to sing and to hear."
“[Alt Vox is] a place where fellow music lovers who have already been part of the music community either separately or in common can renew friendships and form new ones. And Donavon sets such a beautiful tone. He is a beautiful spirit!”
“Alt Vox rocks your socks and soul. Donavon arranges our songs; he has us smiling, laughing and waking the baby with the energetic power of our collective voices. He is a brilliant musician (his keyboard accompaniment is a first class treat all on its own)
We love singing together! We’re a happy bunch.”
“As a long-time member of various rock choirs, I feel privileged to be part of an ensemble that has the right balance of artistic challenge and fun!
Alt Vox is a highly creative, inclusive community that inspires its members to present high quality shows, build musicianship, and form authentic relationships with fellow choir members.
Dynamic arrangements, high quality conducting, and a kick-ass rock band. A winning formula for choir members and audiences!”

“Alt Vox is and will remain the highlight of my week. [Donavon is] a tremendous choir master. [He is] multi-talented, entertaining, knowledgeable, organized, attentive, patient and giving. [He appears] to love what [he does and is] full of energy. That energy is hugely infectious.
I can arrive at rehearsal so tired I can hardly function, but without fail, when rehearsal is over, I leave full of happiness and great energy.”
“It may sound odd, but to me, Alt Vox is a safe place. When you come, you are welcomed, appreciated, encouraged, and challenged…but not judged. It's a time to laugh, enjoy companionship, and restore your energy. And it is outright fun! Donavon is nothing short of amazing. A total package of talent; musically, as a comedian, and as our inspirational leader. I love being a part of this community.”
“Love going to Alt Vox on Tuesday nights. It is a great bunch of people who love to sing and socialize. It is always fun, and I always feel refreshed and happy!
Donavon leading means it is always musical, and always full of jokes, stories, and joy. Musical choices are eclectic including old favourites, ranging in styles, and always fun. Donavon arranged them so everyone gets fun bits! Pub nights are a great relaxed way to Review our work and move it up a notch with a band! All fun, no stress!

Do you like singing pop rock with a bunch of great people lead by and extremely musical comedian? (Comedic musician?) Join us on Tuesdays for Alt Vox!”