Started in 2017, Alt Vox is one of Toronto’s fastest-growing large choir ensembles. We are a rehearsal-based choir that meets once a week on Tuesday evenings, singing through up-tempo and fun material with a focus on 70s & 80s rock & pop.
Alt Vox’s first three seasons were incredibly successful with a handful of concerts, some public engagements, and numerous Pub Nights.
Given the state of the global pandemic and the risks of singing in enclosed areas, Alt Vox is pleased to announce we will be continuing rehearsals in Season 4 ONLINE!
The focus of Season 4 will be continuing to enjoy the rehearsal process and expanding our repertoire while continuing to put together Virtual Choir Videos, such as Dance the Night Away and Crazy Train.
Interested in singing with Alt Vox? Check out our revised Manifesto here.
Alt Vox is the brainchild of Donavon LeNabat, a Toronto-based piano entertainer with years of experience working in many musical genres. He is an accomplished singer, pianist, arranger, accompanist, music director, educator, piano entertainer, and has been rocking the Toronto music scene since 2002.

Donavon’s workhorse mentality and cheerful, engaging personality combine to achieve fantastic results in a relaxed, fun setting.